Hi There!

I'm Oluwagbenga Matthew Afolabi

I convert Dreamware to Software


I'm an Enterprise-Level Fullstack Developer with over 5+ years of experience in Technology and a track record in Web & Mobile Engineering.

I implement key software development principles [like SOLID, DRY, Clean Code...] and design patterns [like IRepository pattern, Unit of work, Singleton...] to improve execution speed, quality of code and significantly reduce debugging processes.

I create human-centred web and mobile solutions that are fast, easy to use, and built with best practices. I work to make a more solid modern web; one that is fast, easy to use, elegant, accessible to all, and frustration-free.

My career goal is to bring individual and business ideas to reality through what I know how to do best. With this, I wake up each day thinking about how I can make the world around me better.


I was on the quest for getting things right and building my career life, unknowing to me that I was carving a niche for myself. I got motivated by the desire to achieve and become a better version of myself daily, as the year passed by, solving problems with what I love doing the most became my passion.

I strongly believe that the only thing impossible is what the human brain cannot imagine, as long as it can be imagined, it is possible! This drives me to learn more.

After several years of training, practice and experiments in a wide range of software design and development, I found my passion in Web and Mobile Application Development. That I can bend for anyhow, I enjoy all aspects from ideation to deployment.


Programming Skills

I have worked as an individual and part of development teams to execute projects that are solving business or individual needs using different technologies which include;

HTML, CSS & Javascript
.Net Frameworks (C#)
Laravel (PHP)
Flutter (Dart)
Django (Python)
Angular 2+ (Typescript)
Bootstrap (CSS)
Tailwind CSS

Developing modern solutions requires upskilling oneself with the latest functional technologies. With this in mind, I devote time to learning new skills and widening my knowledge base on the existing ones.