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Oluwagbenga Matthew Afolabi

I convert Dreamware to Software
To me, Dreamware is human imaginary software or applications that need to be implemented. I strongly believe the only thing impossible to achieve is what cannot be imagined by the human brain; as long as you can imagine it, no matter how seemingly impossible it looks, it is achievable. With this in mind, I wake up each day thinking about how I can make the world around me better with what I know how to do the best.
Do you have any idea you or your organization will like to implement?

What I actually do

I convert Dreamware to Software!

Innovative Stuffs I have built

Taking products from Ideation to Implementation

Web App • (2021)

Gmatt Personal App (GPA)

Gmatt Personal App (GPA) is a web-based solution designed to serve as both a developer portfolio and personal management app. The app features include Client Management, Project Management, Blog Management, Task Management using ClickUp, and Code time tracking using Wakatime API. Other private feature of the solution includes Cashflow Manager, Ideation, bookmarks, notes, and snippet


Laravel PHP, Tailwind CSS, Alpine JS, ClickUp API, Wakatime API


Clients I've worked with

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Skrint Gmattworld Lubred Technologies Voltronworks Systems Variant Ltd

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I write for fun to educate!

Meet Victor Ofili

Another of his great works was paying my tuition fees for two whole sessions. Yeah, you heard me right, he paid my school fees for 6 terms.

Gmatt Matthew

Published on Mar 30, 2021

How to bring people to your own reality

How do we bring the old generation to the reality of what is happening now and make them see where the world is going?

Gmatt Matthew

Published on Mar 30, 2021